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The Panthers Will Run The Ball, Then Run The Ball And Then Run Some More.

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The Panthers will run the ball, then run the ball and then run some more. The game plan will be to keep Aaron Rodgers off the field and it will be effective. Green Bay continues to have trouble against power running football teams year in, and year out. Carolina will take advantage. Panthers 24, Packers 20 Week 16: vs. Minnesota Vikings Aaron Rodgers is playing at home against a division rival coming off a lost. He will be focused and locked in. Expect a career game for Aaron Rodgers. He will have over 400 yards passing and 5 touchdowns through the air. Packers 38, Vikings 27 Week 17: @ Detroit Lions Packers will be fighting for a one seed in the playoffs so they wont be resting their starters. The Lions will be at the end of their usual late season collapse.

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